How do you choose a good name for your medical activity?

How do you choose a good name for your medical activity?

Coming up with a name for your business / activity is usually a hard nut to crack. It involves many doubts and dilemmas. What name to come up with? Which will be catchy? Will this for sure everyone like? Is it original? Is it short? (They always say it is) … Lots of questions! How not to get lost in it? On the Internet, thousands of guides and articles on how to choose the perfect name! And that way we’re getiing already stupid because of such an excess of information.

Everyone who starts his own business or blog, starts it with a name. This is the foundation of every company! And there is no need to cheat yourself – there’s no way without it. How to buy a domain? How to act without a name? Well, there is no option! In this post I will try to dispel doubts, but I would like to point out that these are my thoughts resulting from experience. Perhaps some of these advices will not be “professional” or “competent.” But in my opinion it is difficult to match the task of inventing a name to specific rigid rules, after all this is a CREATIVE task! And sometimes a name that is against any rules may turn out to be a complete hit.

And now it’s time for specifics!

Check the free website domain

This is the only rule that I will always insist that you must apply. Failure to verify the potential entity’s name as a free website domain is a common mistake, especially among people who do not have experience with marketing or do not use the services of professionals. Only few realize how important the domain is. The domain is nowadays an inseparable part of business due to the fact that every company has or at least should have its own website. Such are the times we have. Therefore, before we make a decision about choosing a name – let’s check the website domain!

How to check it the easiest way? Go to the website of the website selling the domain, for example:,, etc. and enter your name. In a fraction of a second you’ll get the answer which domains are free. When choosing a domain, you can also use a short version of our original name.

Look for competition

It sounds not very good. But what’s the matter? That the name we invented should be checked if it simply is not a duplicate in the world. Enter your potential business name in Google search. In addition, it is also worth checking in social media whether someone does not have a profile under this name, for example on Facebook. There is nothing worse than a duplicate name. Especially if a competitor offers the same or similar services.

Above I described two most important rules to keep in mind! However, how do you decide on the selection of a particular name?

Write down the words – keys

Just it! List all the words that describe your business and its values. Perhaps one of them will turn out to be THE name! Or a combination of 2 or 3 selected words. There is an additional bonus for this activity – we will get a vision! Yes! Such a task will cause us a whole storm of ideas, our dormant creativity will be in a full force, which results in a perfect idea for the name. And that’s what we need.

Name your business description

A good name is one that immediately tells the recipient what product or service they are dealing with. That is why it is sometimes worth giving up a very original name in favor of a simpler, but immediately telling recipient who we are, what we do and offer.

Polish or English name?

So many people have so many opinions on this subject. And the answer is still: it depends. There is no recipe for this dilemma. For sure, if we want to go beyond the Polish market, the name in English seems to be obligatory. However, if we do not go beyond the border of the country, things get a bit complicated. For sure, if we want to cooperate with companies, create a product or service for them, it is worth thinking of a business client and thus creating a name in English. If our client is an individual person, it is better to put our mother tongue on it again.

Get some sleep

Sleep is a medicine for everything. I can acknowledge this statement with both hands! I do not know about you, but the best ideas come to me during my sleep, that’s why I always try to have something nearby, to be able to save my creative vision right away, for example a telephone. And if I already have an idea, I always try to re-confirm in my sleep, whether it is something I need, or should I continue to be keep searching. There is no need to do that in a rush. PEACEFULLNESS is recommended here.

Feel it

The most important of my advice! With the name it’s a bit like with love. In love, you are never sure that you are making the right decision, but still YOU FEEL that you’re doing right. You just feel that and that’s it. In my opinion it is identical to the name. Either you feel it is THE ONE or you do not. Short play. You probably now think that it’s easy to talk. But I am sure that if you feel that this is THE name (of course, sticking to the first two rules: Check the domain and Search for competition) you will be 100% satisfied, and the idea will turn out to be a hit! However, what to do if we cannot feel it? Give yourself some time. Sometimes the best ideas come at the least expected moment, for example, when traveling by bus or train (yes, this is the best place for all meditation) or, for example, at the gym (I also often find that physical activity is in my opinion a quiet friend of creativity).

Do not overdo it

Here the rule works – less is more. It is better to bet on a simpler name, but clear and memorable, than on a name that will not tell anyone anything, or associate with anything. On the Internet, we can find many free name generators. This is also an idea, maybe it will help a little.


Always remember to check your free domain and social media accounts. Say NO to the duplicate names. Try to be original, but not at any price. But above all, keep calm and feel that you are fully convinced by that name.

Good luck! Do you want to talk about your idea for a name? I invite you to contact me.

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