Telemedicine as a marketing tool in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

Telemedicine as a marketing tool in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

Over the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in telemedicine has increased significantly. Telemedicine began to be used much more often than it did two years ago. Thanks to telemedicine, patients during the pandemic had the chance to be in contact with the doctor and constantly take care of their health. Telemedicine can also be considered as a marketing tool that will allow the medical institution to be distinguished from the competition.

  1. Website

I recommend that you include information on the telemedical services provided on the website. The type of telemedical services and the rules for providing them should be specified. It is also recommended that you create step-by-step instructions on how the service works, e.g. in the form of animations.

  1. Social media

It is also worth considering creating an information campaign on telemedicine services in a medical institution, which will be published on social media, eg Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

  1. Medical registration

You should also train and accurately inform the staff working in patient registration, as they are the first contact for the patient. Therefore, they have the best chance of informing patients about important aspects of the functioning of the medical institution, e.g. telemedical services.

  1. Doctor

Doctors enjoy authority among patients, so it is worth itfor doctors to offer their patients (if possible) telemedical services, e.g. teleconsultations to discuss the results of the study. This will allow for greater credibility of telemedical services.

  1. Newsletter

I also encourage patients to collect a mailing database so that they can use it later to inform patients directly about telemedical services or other important information regarding the functioning of the medical facility.

  1. Posters, Leaflets

Another idea is to prepare information posters about the medical services provided, as well as leaflets that patients will take home with them. In this case, the patient will have the chance to read all the important information calmly, to which he will always be able to return if necessary.

  1. Answering machine

The last issue is the recording of a short information about telemedical services in a medical institution, which will be listened to after a short greeting when the patient calls the medical institution. This is a great way to effectively inform patients, as most patients make appointments by phone.

Regularity of activities the key to success in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

Regularity of activities the key to success in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

I often say that medical marketing is not a sprint, but a marathon! This involves a lot of patience, but what else? exactly! One of the most important keys to success in medical marketing is the regularity of our activities. Sometimes we will get worse and sometimes better. But the most important thing is that we do not forgive ourselves and act regularly.


Advantages of regular activities in medical marketing:

– we make a habit of regular activities

– the effects will be longlasting

– our market position will be stable

– we invest in the future

– over time we become a stronger player in the market

– regular actions are well seen by algorithms e.g. Googly, YouTube

– regular operation is positively received by the environment.


How to regularly work in medical marketing?

– self-discipline and  perseverance

– plan fixed days and times during which we will focus on carrying out marketing activities, e.g. every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

– if you don’t have time, delegate some tasks

– plan in advance with your action, e.g. with the help of a planner (I invite you to download my free marketing planner for medical professions)

– use ready-made tools to facilitate the planning and execution of tasks.


In the next article, I will introduce various tools to support regular activities in medical marketing.

5 reasons why planning in medical marketing is so important? – MEDICAL MARKETING

5 reasons why planning in medical marketing is so important? – MEDICAL MARKETING

Good and reasonable planning allows you to effectively manage marketing in a medical institution. Without planning, it is difficult to maintain effective marketing at a high level. In the following article, I will discuss 5 main reasons why planning in medical marketing is so important: consistency, control, effectiveness, regularity of actions, time.

  1. Consequence

Marketing planning in medicine facilitates the preservation of consequences, as well as self-discipline. Through planning, we can organize and rethink our marketing activities. Thoughtful actions make our medical marketing orderly and consistent. You should always keep in mind what our marketing goal is and where we are going, what we want to achieve.

  1. Control

To have control over marketing, you can’t avoid marketing planning. Control allows you to evaluate the implementation of our plan and introduces discipline and motivation, without which it is difficult to achieve success in marketing and promotional activities.

  1. Effectiveness

I can’t imagine effective marketing and success without a plan! You should always know what you are aiming for and always have an idea. I would advise against spontaneity in my marketing activities in a medical institution if we wanted them to be effective and have the intended effect.

  1. Regularity of activities

Medical marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Medical marketing requires long-term and regular action. Be patient here. Only after a long time we are able to see the results of our work. In order to maintain regularity of activities, it is worth supporting the previously developed plan.

  1. Time

Good medical marketing planning saves a lot of time! Although at first you actually need to spend a lot of time to make a good marketing plan. I think it’s better to spend enough time on marketing analysis and planning at the beginning to save time thinking about your actions later.

In order to facilitate marketing planning in a medical institution, I have specifically created a Marketing Planner for Medical Professions, to which I refer you very warmly here.

20 common mistakes in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

20 common mistakes in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

I have compiled a list of 20 common medical marketing mistakes below. The list was created based on my experience and observation. In the next posts, I will detail each medical marketing mistake.

1. Lack of faith in success
2. Personnel problems, unfair remuneration
3. Location
4. Multitasking
5. Force-selling of a service / product
6. Using old marketing methods
7. Lack of willingness to bring new ideas
8. Lack of predisposition
9. Lack of will
10. Budget
11. Legal and formal issues (restrictions related to e.g. advertising)
12. Each order / marketing task / campaign / cooperation with another stranger
13. Lack of stability in the team, in the facility
14. After cheapness
15. Lack of certain abilities, skills, eg graphics
16. Lack of vision
17. Lack of plan and strategy
18. Lack of training
19. Communication problems with potential partners (referring from one to the other)
20. Distrust

Medical registration as one of the most important element in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

Medical registration as one of the most important element in medical marketing – MEDICAL MARKETING

Probably many people are thinking now: what does registration for marketing have? Well, it has a lot! Unfortunately, it is often underestimated by the management of the medical entity as well as by other staff, sometimes also by patients. Fortunately, the approach is slowly changing and medical registrars (or registrars, but this profession is strongly feminized) are beginning to be appreciated. It is important to realize that the profession of a medical registrar has changed significantly over the years. It used to be registering patients for medical appointments in the traditional calendar, preparing a card, providing information about doctor’s office hours and basically that’s it. Currently, a medical recorder is an extensive position. Today, she has to work in an IT system, which is sometimes complicated, is responsible for the circulation of medical documents, as well as for ensuring that everything is in accordance with the contract with the National Health Fund. In addition, it issues invoices, has financial responsibility and much more. And there are more and more of these tasks each year …

Registration is the first contact of a patient with a medical entity

This is the first reason why efficient registration at the clinic is so important. There is a reason it is said that the first impression is the most important. This principle also works in this case. If the patient meets a medical recorder who will greet him with a smile, explain everything with patience and calmness and answer all the patient’s questions – the patient will surely come out happy and will gladly come back to us. Registration is a showcase of the facility that should be taken care of.

The appearance of the staff

It’s no secret that appearance is important. Not the most important, but very important. Therefore, registrars should be neatly dressed and uniformly in accordance with the general visualization of the facility. Delicate makeup, well-groomed hands (in delicate light colors) and tied hair are an indispensable element of the appearance of a medical recorder. It is worth choosing professional aprons and shirts with the logo of a medical entity.

Friendly atmosphere, personal culture

It should be remembered that people serving patients should maintain good manners and be friendly to patients who are often nervous. The patient should feel cared for from the very beginning of the visit to a medical facility.

Appreciating registrars

Another issue is appreciating the registers. Unfortunately, it often happens that registrars are treated as “less important” staff, despite being so important for the efficient operation of a medical facility. It is worth taking care of a lawyer and appreciating. The constant rotation of employees will not help in building a friendly and helpful team.

Training registrars to advise patients and inform them about promotional campaigns, etc., collect e-mails for the newsletter, etc.

The last aspect that I will mention is, of course, the constant desire for development and training. It should be remembered that the medical registration should be informed about what is currently happening in the medical facility. The reception desk should always be a source of information, especially for patients. It is also worth focusing on soft skills training, as well as on team integration.

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