The power of medical marketing: How to deliver more information about your offer to patients.

The power of medical marketing: How to deliver more information about your offer to patients.

In today’s world, as the world is becoming increasingly digitized, it is important for medical institutions to have a strong online presence. Medical marketing has tremendous power and allows reaching a wider group of patients, as well as enabling more valuable interactions with them. From social media to search engine optimization, there are many strategies that medical institutions can use to increase their online presence and attract more patients. By effectively using these tools, medical institutions can become leaders in their fields, build patient trust, and ultimately increase their patient base. In this article, we will analyze the power of medical marketing and suggest how medical institutions can use marketing strategies to reach more patients online. Introduction to Medical Marketing

Medical marketing is a broad concept that encompasses many activities aimed at reaching patients and increasing their awareness of a given medical institution. In today’s world, where patients increasingly use the internet to search for information about their health, medical marketing has become essential for every medical institution that wants to attract new patients and retain those already registered.

Why is medical marketing important for medical institutions?

Medical marketing is important for medical institutions for several reasons. First, it helps to reach a wider group of patients and increase their awareness of a given medical institution. Second, it allows for more valuable interactions with patients, which in turn translates into increased patient trust in a given medical institution. Third, medical marketing allows medical institutions to become leaders in their fields, which attracts even more patients to them.

Statistics on Medical Marketing

There are many statistics that show how important medical marketing is for medical institutions. According to a study conducted by PwC in 2018, as many as 72% of patients use the internet to search for information about their health. Moreover, this study showed that 47% of patients use the internet to find a new doctor or hospital, and 38% of patients use the internet to find information about a specialist. These statistics show how important it is for medical institutions to have a strong online presence and use effective marketing strategies.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before starting marketing activities, medical institutions should understand their target audience. It is worth conducting market research and getting to know the needs and expectations of patients. This way, medical institutions will be able to tailor their marketing activities to the needs of their patients, which will contribute to the effectiveness of these activities.

Creating a Marketing Plan for Medical Institutions

To succeed in medical marketing, medical institutions need to create a marketing plan. This plan should include marketing goals, strategies, tactics, and methods for measuring the success of marketing activities. The marketing plan should be tailored to the goals and needs of the medical institution and its target audience.

Types of medical marketing – traditional versus digital

There are two main types of medical marketing: traditional and digital. Traditional marketing includes activities such as TV, radio, print or flyer advertisements. Digital marketing includes activities such as search engine optimization, online ads, email campaigns, and social media. In today’s world, where more patients are using the internet to search for health information, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for medical facilities.

The impact of social media on medical marketing

Social media has a big impact on medical marketing. It allows medical facilities to reach a wider group of patients and establish more valuable interactions with them. Social media allows medical facilities to publish valuable content and run advertising campaigns. Thanks to social media, medical facilities can also monitor their reputation and respond to patient opinions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for medical facility websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of adjusting a website to meet the requirements of search engine algorithms. With SEO, a medical facility’s website can appear higher in search results, increasing its visibility on the internet and attracting more patients.

Online advertising for medical facilities

Online advertising is another effective way to increase a medical facility’s online presence. Medical facilities can use different types of online advertising, such as text, graphics, video or social media ads. Online advertising helps medical facilities reach a wider group of patients and increase their online visibility.

Patient reviews and reputation management

Patient reviews have a big impact on a medical facility’s reputation. Therefore, it is important for medical facilities to monitor their online reputation and respond to patient reviews. Medical facilities can also use reputation management tools that allow them to collect patient reviews and track their impact on the facility’s reputation.

Measuring the success of marketing efforts

To increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, medical facilities should regularly measure their success. The best way to do this is by using analytical tools that track website traffic, conversions, and other metrics. With these tools, medical facilities can adjust their marketing efforts to meet the needs of their patients and increase their effectiveness.

Marketing services for medical facilities

If medical facilities do not have marketing experts on their team, they can use the services of companies specializing in medical marketing. These companies offer many services, such as search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, and reputation management. With these services, medical facilities can effectively increase their online presence and attract more patients.


Medical marketing is essential for any medical facility that wants to attract more patients and increase its online visibility. By using marketing tools effectively, medical facilities can become leaders in their field and reach more patients.

Google Maps business card for medical clinic – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

Google Maps business card for medical clinic – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

A business card on Google Maps is a mandatory part of medical marketing.  The tool provided by Google has many options to know about and use.

  1. Address of the medical institution

The primary function of the business card in Google Maps is the address of the medical institution.  This will help patients find us faster in general Google search, as well as directly on Google Maps. Make sure that the address is correctly entered and always up-to-date.

  1. Name of medical institution

In addition to the name of the facility, I recommend that you enter keywords describing our activities, e.g. surgical clinic, physiotherapy services. This will allow us to reach your target audience faster and, above all, increase our visibility on Google (SEO).

  1. Photos

It is worth taking care of professional photos of the interior of our clinic and photos of the building to make it easier for patients to reach the facility. It is also recommended that you publish your team photos.

  1. Link to website

Another option is to add a link to our website so that the patient can quickly go to our website and find more detailed information about our activities.

  1. Contact: e-mail address, phone

The more opportunities to contact a medical facility, the better. The patient should be able to find basic forms of contact as soon as possible, such as by phone or e-mail.


Patients usually choose a medical facility using friend commands or comments read on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them as best as possible to make them positive. I recommend replying to any comment with thanks, I also encourage you to respond culturally to negative comments.

  1. Opening hours

The basic information to be included in the Google Maps business card is, of course, information about the opening hours of the medical institution. Make sure that your current opening hours are always published.

  1. Q&A

Google Maps also allows patients to ask questions and provide answers through a medical facility.  It’s always a good idea to answer your questions and always control the appearance of new questions.

  1. Updates

Updates give us the opportunity to inform patients, for example, about holidays or other important temporary situations or changes.

Newsletter for patients – is it worth it? – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

Newsletter for patients – is it worth it? – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

The newsletter is one of the widely available marketing tools. However, in the medical industry quite infrequestly used. It is a pity, because the newsletter gives us more opportunities to reach the patient. Below I present the most important advantages and disadvantagesofthismarketing tool.


– the ability to reach a specific target group with important information

– free tool / low cost

– the possibility of building a closer relationship with patients

– long-term effectiveness

– possibility to personalize the newsletter

– the ability to automate the newsletter



– collecting the mailing database takes quite a long time

– newsletter takes time and patience

– difficulties in preserving the protection of personal data

– difficulties related to legal restrictions in medical marketing.

The power of medical marketing: How to deliver more information about your offer to patients.

Medical visit reminder system – advantages, disadvantages – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

More and more medical clinics are choosing to introduce a system of reminders of appointments. In today’s busy world, where everyone has a lot of responsibilities, such a system seems to be a great solution, because with many responsibilities it is very easy to forget about the date of an appointment. Many medical appointment reminder systems have additional features to offer, e.g. prompt cancellation of a visitvia SMS , which is also an interesting solution in situations where patients have trouble calling the clinic, which is a common reason for not notifying the clinic of the inability to arrive foran appointment. Keep this in mind!


  • Make your medical facility’s offer more attractive
  • Minimising losses by being able to arrange new patients in place of denied appointments
  • Additional features of medical reminder programs, e.g. cancellation of visits via SMS
  • Automate marketing and organizational activities
  • Offload phone lines
  • Great marketing tool
  • Minimizing the number of irrevoced medical visits


  • costs associated with running an IT system
  • the need for training in the operation of the new programme
  • possibility of technical problems
Free marketing activities in medicine. Where to look for savings? Part I -11  Examples  – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

5 Marketing Activities in Medicine worth investing in – MEDICAL MARKETING, HEALTHCARE MARKETING

  1. SEO

One of the key aspects is to take care of our searchability on the Internet, e.g. on Google Search. Patients seeking medical help by entering individual terms in an internet search engine, e.g. cardiologist warsaw. It is worth being aware of this and make it easier for a potential patient to find us on the Internet.  The sooner a patient finds us online, the better the chances that they will benefit from our health services. There are many  ways to increase our visibility on the Internet, e.g.buying a Google ad, runningablog, commissioning a professional company task.

  1. Website

The website is now an integral part of medical marketing. It is important that the website contains important information, e.g. contact, address, opening hours, services. It should also be noted that the website is aesthetic, modern and adapted to the nature of the services offered.

  1. Online registration

You might also want to consider allowing online enrolling in medical services. This relieves the telephone lines of the medical clinic and enhances our offer.  Thanks to this solution, we automate some of our tasks, which means that we gain a lot of time. More and more people are signing up for a visit via the registration form on the website, as it is more convenient and faster and available at any time of the day or night.

  1. Visit reminder system

Many clinics complain about patients cancelling doctor’s appointments at the last minute or not coming to appointments without notifying the clinic. The way to do this is to implement an automated system of reminders of medical visits. Such a system will minimize the number of suddenly cancelled medical appointments and make our offer more attractive in the eyes of the patient. The visit reminder system can be based on automatic sending of e-mails and/or sms messages.  There are many ready-made solutions available on the market at reasonable prices.

  1. Profile on doctors’ portals/search engines

The last action in this article, which is worth implementing in your medical institution is a profile/account on the portal/search engine of doctors/medical professions. On such portals are included the most important information about the doctor and very valuable opinions of patients, thanks to which the patient with greater probability will choose our clinic.  Patients are very often guided by opinions found on the Internet, especially on portals dedicated to the medical industry. It is worth taking care of a friendly profile on such portals and the opinions of our patients.

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