A business card on Google Maps is a mandatory part of medical marketing.  The tool provided by Google has many options to know about and use.

  1. Address of the medical institution

The primary function of the business card in Google Maps is the address of the medical institution.  This will help patients find us faster in general Google search, as well as directly on Google Maps. Make sure that the address is correctly entered and always up-to-date.

  1. Name of medical institution

In addition to the name of the facility, I recommend that you enter keywords describing our activities, e.g. surgical clinic, physiotherapy services. This will allow us to reach your target audience faster and, above all, increase our visibility on Google (SEO).

  1. Photos

It is worth taking care of professional photos of the interior of our clinic and photos of the building to make it easier for patients to reach the facility. It is also recommended that you publish your team photos.

  1. Link to website

Another option is to add a link to our website so that the patient can quickly go to our website and find more detailed information about our activities.

  1. Contact: e-mail address, phone

The more opportunities to contact a medical facility, the better. The patient should be able to find basic forms of contact as soon as possible, such as by phone or e-mail.


Patients usually choose a medical facility using friend commands or comments read on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them as best as possible to make them positive. I recommend replying to any comment with thanks, I also encourage you to respond culturally to negative comments.

  1. Opening hours

The basic information to be included in the Google Maps business card is, of course, information about the opening hours of the medical institution. Make sure that your current opening hours are always published.

  1. Q&A

Google Maps also allows patients to ask questions and provide answers through a medical facility.  It’s always a good idea to answer your questions and always control the appearance of new questions.

  1. Updates

Updates give us the opportunity to inform patients, for example, about holidays or other important temporary situations or changes.

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