More and more medical clinics are choosing to introduce a system of reminders of appointments. In today’s busy world, where everyone has a lot of responsibilities, such a system seems to be a great solution, because with many responsibilities it is very easy to forget about the date of an appointment. Many medical appointment reminder systems have additional features to offer, e.g. prompt cancellation of a visitvia SMS , which is also an interesting solution in situations where patients have trouble calling the clinic, which is a common reason for not notifying the clinic of the inability to arrive foran appointment. Keep this in mind!


  • Make your medical facility’s offer more attractive
  • Minimising losses by being able to arrange new patients in place of denied appointments
  • Additional features of medical reminder programs, e.g. cancellation of visits via SMS
  • Automate marketing and organizational activities
  • Offload phone lines
  • Great marketing tool
  • Minimizing the number of irrevoced medical visits


  • costs associated with running an IT system
  • the need for training in the operation of the new programme
  • possibility of technical problems
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