1. SEO

One of the key aspects is to take care of our searchability on the Internet, e.g. on Google Search. Patients seeking medical help by entering individual terms in an internet search engine, e.g. cardiologist warsaw. It is worth being aware of this and make it easier for a potential patient to find us on the Internet.  The sooner a patient finds us online, the better the chances that they will benefit from our health services. There are many  ways to increase our visibility on the Internet, e.g.buying a Google ad, runningablog, commissioning a professional company task.

  1. Website

The website is now an integral part of medical marketing. It is important that the website contains important information, e.g. contact, address, opening hours, services. It should also be noted that the website is aesthetic, modern and adapted to the nature of the services offered.

  1. Online registration

You might also want to consider allowing online enrolling in medical services. This relieves the telephone lines of the medical clinic and enhances our offer.  Thanks to this solution, we automate some of our tasks, which means that we gain a lot of time. More and more people are signing up for a visit via the registration form on the website, as it is more convenient and faster and available at any time of the day or night.

  1. Visit reminder system

Many clinics complain about patients cancelling doctor’s appointments at the last minute or not coming to appointments without notifying the clinic. The way to do this is to implement an automated system of reminders of medical visits. Such a system will minimize the number of suddenly cancelled medical appointments and make our offer more attractive in the eyes of the patient. The visit reminder system can be based on automatic sending of e-mails and/or sms messages.  There are many ready-made solutions available on the market at reasonable prices.

  1. Profile on doctors’ portals/search engines

The last action in this article, which is worth implementing in your medical institution is a profile/account on the portal/search engine of doctors/medical professions. On such portals are included the most important information about the doctor and very valuable opinions of patients, thanks to which the patient with greater probability will choose our clinic.  Patients are very often guided by opinions found on the Internet, especially on portals dedicated to the medical industry. It is worth taking care of a friendly profile on such portals and the opinions of our patients.

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