There are several ways to register patients. You can make an appointment by phone, a personal appointment at a clinic, or you can register for an online appointment. The following article will describe the possibility of an appointment for an online visit.

Making an appointment online is a great help for patients and for doctors and medical clinics. Online registration is one way to automate certain aspects of the functioning of a medical facility. Online registration enhances the offer of the medical institution, as well as relieves employees who can devote this time to other tasks.

Patients are not always convinced to register online and choose the traditional method, i.e. a phone call or a personal visit to the facility to schedule a visit. This is often due to problems due to poor organization and functioning of online registration.

Errors and shortcomingsin the  functioning of online registration:

– no confirmation of an appointment for an online visit e.g. by e-mail

– manual acceptance of the appointment online by employees

– no appointment reminders set for patients

– inability of the patient to make changes (e.g. reschedule, cancellation of the visit).


– additional cost

– difficulty in choosing a specific IT solution for online registration

– the required ability to operate an IT program for online registration.


– automation of the functioning of certain aspects in the medical clinic

– caring for the offer of a medical clinic

– convenience for the patient

– time saving

– the image of a modern medical clinic

– saving money

– minimising last-minute doctor’s appointments cancelled.


In my opinion, it is worth offering your patients the opportunity to make an appointment for a doctor’s appointment online. It is worth preparing well for this, so that online registration automates our activities, and the patient is happy to use this method and can do it intuitively.

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