Over the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in telemedicine has increased significantly. Telemedicine began to be used much more often than it did two years ago. Thanks to telemedicine, patients during the pandemic had the chance to be in contact with the doctor and constantly take care of their health. Telemedicine can also be considered as a marketing tool that will allow the medical institution to be distinguished from the competition.

  1. Website

I recommend that you include information on the telemedical services provided on the website. The type of telemedical services and the rules for providing them should be specified. It is also recommended that you create step-by-step instructions on how the service works, e.g. in the form of animations.

  1. Social media

It is also worth considering creating an information campaign on telemedicine services in a medical institution, which will be published on social media, eg Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

  1. Medical registration

You should also train and accurately inform the staff working in patient registration, as they are the first contact for the patient. Therefore, they have the best chance of informing patients about important aspects of the functioning of the medical institution, e.g. telemedical services.

  1. Doctor

Doctors enjoy authority among patients, so it is worth itfor doctors to offer their patients (if possible) telemedical services, e.g. teleconsultations to discuss the results of the study. This will allow for greater credibility of telemedical services.

  1. Newsletter

I also encourage patients to collect a mailing database so that they can use it later to inform patients directly about telemedical services or other important information regarding the functioning of the medical facility.

  1. Posters, Leaflets

Another idea is to prepare information posters about the medical services provided, as well as leaflets that patients will take home with them. In this case, the patient will have the chance to read all the important information calmly, to which he will always be able to return if necessary.

  1. Answering machine

The last issue is the recording of a short information about telemedical services in a medical institution, which will be listened to after a short greeting when the patient calls the medical institution. This is a great way to effectively inform patients, as most patients make appointments by phone.

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