I have compiled a list of 20 common medical marketing mistakes below. The list was created based on my experience and observation. In the next posts, I will detail each medical marketing mistake.

1. Lack of faith in success
2. Personnel problems, unfair remuneration
3. Location
4. Multitasking
5. Force-selling of a service / product
6. Using old marketing methods
7. Lack of willingness to bring new ideas
8. Lack of predisposition
9. Lack of will
10. Budget
11. Legal and formal issues (restrictions related to e.g. advertising)
12. Each order / marketing task / campaign / cooperation with another stranger
13. Lack of stability in the team, in the facility
14. After cheapness
15. Lack of certain abilities, skills, eg graphics
16. Lack of vision
17. Lack of plan and strategy
18. Lack of training
19. Communication problems with potential partners (referring from one to the other)
20. Distrust

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