Probably many people are thinking now: what does registration for marketing have? Well, it has a lot! Unfortunately, it is often underestimated by the management of the medical entity as well as by other staff, sometimes also by patients. Fortunately, the approach is slowly changing and medical registrars (or registrars, but this profession is strongly feminized) are beginning to be appreciated. It is important to realize that the profession of a medical registrar has changed significantly over the years. It used to be registering patients for medical appointments in the traditional calendar, preparing a card, providing information about doctor’s office hours and basically that’s it. Currently, a medical recorder is an extensive position. Today, she has to work in an IT system, which is sometimes complicated, is responsible for the circulation of medical documents, as well as for ensuring that everything is in accordance with the contract with the National Health Fund. In addition, it issues invoices, has financial responsibility and much more. And there are more and more of these tasks each year …

Registration is the first contact of a patient with a medical entity

This is the first reason why efficient registration at the clinic is so important. There is a reason it is said that the first impression is the most important. This principle also works in this case. If the patient meets a medical recorder who will greet him with a smile, explain everything with patience and calmness and answer all the patient’s questions – the patient will surely come out happy and will gladly come back to us. Registration is a showcase of the facility that should be taken care of.

The appearance of the staff

It’s no secret that appearance is important. Not the most important, but very important. Therefore, registrars should be neatly dressed and uniformly in accordance with the general visualization of the facility. Delicate makeup, well-groomed hands (in delicate light colors) and tied hair are an indispensable element of the appearance of a medical recorder. It is worth choosing professional aprons and shirts with the logo of a medical entity.

Friendly atmosphere, personal culture

It should be remembered that people serving patients should maintain good manners and be friendly to patients who are often nervous. The patient should feel cared for from the very beginning of the visit to a medical facility.

Appreciating registrars

Another issue is appreciating the registers. Unfortunately, it often happens that registrars are treated as “less important” staff, despite being so important for the efficient operation of a medical facility. It is worth taking care of a lawyer and appreciating. The constant rotation of employees will not help in building a friendly and helpful team.

Training registrars to advise patients and inform them about promotional campaigns, etc., collect e-mails for the newsletter, etc.

The last aspect that I will mention is, of course, the constant desire for development and training. It should be remembered that the medical registration should be informed about what is currently happening in the medical facility. The reception desk should always be a source of information, especially for patients. It is also worth focusing on soft skills training, as well as on team integration.

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