You open your own medical, dietary physiotherapeutic office, clinic, medical practice and set up or commission a website to be your business card on the Internet. You ask yourself a million questions, and one of the first is what should I put on the website, what information, elements? What is important on the website of the medical facility? Below are 10 elements and information that must be included on the website of your medical facility.


  1. Name and logo

The first element is of course the name and logo of the medical facility. This is an obvious matter, but it is worth ensuring that the patient entering your website immediately associates and knows that exactly this site belongs to you. These two elements should be properly displayed on the website and their quality should be ensured, which is why I recommend professional visual identification. Here you have two options:

– you use free logotype generators or you use a simple free graphic program, e.g. Canva (I will write a separate post about this program) – it is worth remembering here to choose the right logotype format so that it is of good quality to avoid the so-called pixelation;

– you outsource the logotype to a professional graphic designer, which of course comes with costs, you have to answer the question what your budget is and how you assess your graphic skills, rates for logos are very different.


  1. Contact

This is another basic information that should be on the website. Nothing irritates the patient more than the difficulty of finding basic contact information, such as:

– Phone number

– e-mail address

– detailed address with information on how to get there and parking possibilities

– contact via social media (facebook, famous doctor, etc.)

– possibly a contact form,

The above information should be the easiest to find by the patient, the longer he will look for contact information, the greater the chance that he will resign from the service in your facility. Also, make sure that all communication channels have efficient communication (e.g. efficient reply to e-mails, quick phone answering).


  1. Payment methods, contracts with the sickness fund and private insurers

The patient should be able to find information on Payment methods. So can he pay with a payment card or cash. Both sides will be annoyed if the patient has no cash but only a payment card that is not accepted in your office. It is worth placing such information to avoid similar situations. You should also include information about whether your services are completely private or you have a contract with the health insurance fund. If so, provide accurate instructions for admitting patients under your health insurance policy. Maybe you also have contracts with health insurers? This should also be accurately described on the website so that the patient has full information about how they can use your services.


  1. Methods of arranging appointments, e.g. online registration

This is a very important element! If possible, arrange several options to arrange a service at your medical facility. Here are 3 basic methods for registering patients for visits:

– Telephone

– by email

– online registration.

Online registration is very convenient and quick, which is why I encourage you to introduce this registration method to your office (online registration will also be a separate post).


  1. Reception hours

It is important to remember that party hours on the website are always up to date!


  1. Staff description

Every patient must know who will provide him with medical services. A description of the competence should be provided about each person (preferably with a professional photo). This is the most important thing for medical personnel, for all other team members, all they need is their name, photo, job title with task list and contact.


  1. Description of services, offers

Each service / offer we offer should be accurately described on the website. The patient wants to know exactly what the place offers him.


  1. Pricing

The price list is a reference to the previous point. The price list on the websites is always welcome.


  1. News, i.e. vacation information etc.

You should always post information on the website if, for example, the doctor is on vacation or important other situations affecting the work of the facility take place.


  1. Social media, opinions

If we have accounts on social media (which I highly recommend), you should also inform about this fact and encourage to contact and leave opinions about our facility through this type of portals. Opinions are extremely important because they build our PR. It is worth showing that patients are satisfied with our services and willingly recommend us.


I hope I was introducing the topic of website content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at or via FB.

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