While developing a marketing plan, you should analyze how to achieve your goals and ideas and that is called a marketing strategy. Strategy is a “game plan” in a different way, thanks to which you know how to carry out your intentions and activities related to company marketing.


The word “Strategy” comes from the Greek language and initially represented the art of a command, the direction of armed forces during the war. Today, the strategy is used in various fields, e.g. in marketing, and it is defined as follows: “Strategy is acting in accordance with the superior viewpoint with constant observation of constantly changing conditions”.


Porter divided the strategies into three main types:

  • cost leadership (maximum cost reduction, thereby lowering the price and at the same time having an advantage over the competition);
  • diversification (the organization focuses on achieving better results in one selected area, which will be beneficial to the client, directing all of its attention to this area);
  • concentration (the subject of the therapeutic activity chooses one narrow segment of the market, gaining comprehensive knowledge about it and then makes decisions about the choice of the strategy of cost leadership or differentiation).


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